Summer Hacks/Tips 🌞

Hello guys! ❀  I hope you’re all doing awesome. πŸ™† Well, it’s already summer in Mauritius and here I am, in the bus, slowly dying with the rising temperature. 😰 The struggle is real! For this reason, I am sharing some summer hacks/tips with you so that you can SUCCESSFULLY survive summer. πŸ˜‚  Here we go!

1. Do not go out without a hair band if you have long hair. We all know how a sweaty face and hair don’t get along. A simpler tip: Go for a Bun. 😊

2. Always carry a deodorant and hygienic wipe tissues when you go out. You may consider bringing a small towel as well to get rid of any excess sweat. πŸ‘›

3. Drink a LOT of water, as during summer, you undeniably sweat more and therefore need to replace the lost water. I advise you guys to go for at least 2 litres/day to prevent dehydration. πŸ’¦

4. Do not go out without applying sunscreen to prevent any sunburn or to prevent your skin from being harmed by constant sun exposure via UV rays. Consider wearing sun glasses as well to protect your eyes from the rays and a hat.

5. Exfoliate. Summer = more dead cells and a rise in the replacement of cells. You NEED to exfoliate to help your body get rid of its dead cells. 

6. Exercise/practise some yoga. This is not only a summer tip, but a life one as well. Such activities keep your body fit and healthy, and your mind rejuvenated.

Self-taught Yoga pose πŸ™

This is it friends! ☺ I know, I’ve been quite short, but this is all I managed to write during this bus trip. πŸ˜‚ 
See you soon my Loves! πŸ’‹

Be kind and take care of yourselves. πŸ€



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