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“An entire nation, it seemed, was standing in one long breadline, desperate for even the barest essentials.” – Kathi Appelt

How many times have been victim of a no-pad-around situation or a situation where your skirt’s button suddenly loosened up and left you continuously holding up your skirt so it doesn’t fall? Sounds pretty relatable, right?

Hello my Loves! I hope you all are doing awesome. It’s been some months since I haven’t been posting on my blog, and as you may notice I did make some change to my blog (hint: the domain). I am going to post more frequently henceforth, always with enriching messages. Let’s get started. 😊

This may sound shocking, but what you have in your bag defines you. Equally, what you don’t have also does! We have all been in scenarios where we have regretted not having brought an item in our bag only because it was ‘too heavy’ or ‘useless’. For this reason, I have collected and made a list of all the bag must-haves to avoid some awkward situation in public and make your life easier. These items to possess in your everyday-bag will save your life! Are you ready? Here we go:

Hand sanitizer or Anti-bacterial lotion

It is the perfect solution if you’re in one of those public toilets without any water to wash your hands. Speaking of toilets, always carry some toilet paper in your bag, you never know! Sanitizing is meant to reduce the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

A snack or an energy bar

This is for those mornings during which you fail or don’t have time to have a proper breakfast, or simply for when your belly suddenly starts growling so loudly in public. 🍩 

Medicine/Creams & Pad/Tampon

The importance of having a sanitary pad or a tampon when you go out is unquestionable. Many people tend to underestimate the need to have pain-relief pills and counter-allergic medicines or even creams when they go out. Imagine abruptly getting stung by a bee or choking on that peanut butter you’re allergic to… What seems to be a small accident can easily turn into a tragedy without these simple, yet essential items like band-aids and even sun cream. You gotta keep yourself safe! Hey, don’t forget your umbrella as well!

Your phone charger, a USB cable & A pen-drive/memory storage

Undeniably, having your charger with you all the time will avoid a 0% situation, and your cable and your pen-drive will allow you to store any document when so-required. Consider a universal adaptor as well, especially if you’re travelling, to avoid any surprises.

A Zip-lock bag (+ a shopping bag in case)

If you are the kind of people who feel guilty to buy a $15 meal to eventually eat only half of it and leave the rest, then the zip-lock bag will allow you to save your food for home incognito. The zip-lock bag will prevent your stuffs from getting drenched in oil/water, and keep your food safe. As for your folded shopping bag, it will prevent you from buying useless further bags, which always happens when we go out and do unexpected shopping, and realise we did not bring our usual spacious shopping bag.

Always ready for some unexpected shopping.

Your Earphone/Headphone

This will be so useful especially if your day consists of a trip by bus. Enjoy yourself with some Dua Lipa music (not an ad), I am myself such a fan of her. Consider carrying a book or a magazine as well to keep you busy and informed simultaneously.

Mouthwash/mints or candies

These will save your breath after a spicy meal or to give your body a rush of glucose. 🍬

Make-up essentials + Perfume + Lotion

Make-up essentials will allow you to correct and touch-up your make-up throughout the day. These include setting spray/setting powder, lipstick, a small brush, kajal, eye-liner, mascara, some blush, some foundation and wipes. Of course, this list will depend on your make-up routine. Wipes will additionally keep you fresh if you tend to perspire a lot like I do. Lip balm/chap stick is so important if you don’t normally wear lipstick, to prevent you lips from drying out, especially in winter. Some perfume will save your scent during the afternoon, while some body lotion, squeezed in a small container, will keep your skin always hydrated. A hair tie also will  help, trust me, especially after exercising or in summer.

Your specs (if you wear then) and the case + the cleaning flannel, or an extra pair of contact lenses. 👓

Safety pins and a small sewing kit

Just in case one of your buttons decides to loosen up.

A bottle of water

Sure, the requisite for living! ( lmao, what did you expect?) Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.

Your purse/wallet

Along with your cards, your keys and your money. (just reminding!)

A watch

Because I know some people cannot stand wrist-watches.

Your phone (pretty conspicuous) or another electronic device like a tablet/phablet

These may be extremely helpful to search up stuffs online or enable you to find your way if you are lost. A tablet can allow authorities to find a missing person owing to the GPS location. This advice may sound kinda dumb, but no one sees dangers coming, so be safe and always carry an electronic device with internet connection whether you go

A small diary and a pen

Oh, to jot down some cute stranger’s number. Hah! Having those with you implicitly projects a good image about you to the people around you owing to your professional habit of having what one needs to always write and remember essential data.

Jotting down those yummy thoughts.

And voilàaaaaaa, a complete list of essential bag content! Of course, this may vary for many, but I still managed to write the most important ones as per the issues I personally usually face and instantly regret I don’t have X, Y or Z in my bag. Hopefully, I may save your day!

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you appreciate the content, find it helpful or want to add a missing item to my list. I would be thrilled to read from you.

Until next time lovely readers, take care, spread love and be kind! ♡



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