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Hello my loves! ❀

I hope you’re all doing awesome. And yes, I know, it’s been a while!

So, long story short, I just came home (Mauritius) from a one-month trip to South Africa for the YALI RLC SA Programme. Now, I’m a proud YALI Alumnus and the 1st ever Miss Cohort 14. πŸ‘‘ I can’t express how blessed and thankful I feel honestly. Let’s get into the gist of this post though. I felt like this trip was worthy of a blog post because of how it helped me grow and get rid of everything which kept me away from the real me. I’m just going to list some stuffs that I’ve learnt there alongside some facts surrounding Mauritius-Africa.

Let’s get started 😎

1. I honestly believe Africa is way way waaaaay underrated. Why? Mauritius lies in the south-east African coast, yet I don’t remember having been educated as far as Africa was concerned besides what I’d read by myself. However, sure, I was taught a lot about Europe, India, Canada, the U.S and the U.K. Duh… πŸ™„ So, no wonder, before visiting Africa, I was blinded by the so-called ‘African stereotypes’, which were fortunately very quickly erased. Come on, EDUCATION, we need EDUCATION about Africa. πŸ€— WE ARE AFRICAN TOO. I’ll start the chain with this:

2. African music is dope. I repeat, AFRICAN MUSIC IS DOOOOOOOOPE. 😍 I’m currently loving the artists Davido, Mampintsha and Shekhina. Do have a look, no regrets! All what African music does is making you want to dance and shake your whole body: you just feel so happy listening to it.

3. I don’t want to generalise, but the people here (at least the people I’ve met) are so polite and caring. Clear example: “Good morning. How are you?” Sounds simple, huh? People ask how you are doing hundreds of times in a day here. πŸ˜‚ In Mauritius, you get your daily Hello and that’s it. Plus, I love how the people I’ve met in S. Africa always say “Aaww, really sorry about that” when you tell them that you’re sick or even with the most trivial issues. Like dude, thanks for being so caring. πŸ’• If I have to compare, this doesn’t happen often in Mauritius: people tend to be more self-centered here. No generalisation intended!

4. You’ve gotta be careful in South Africa. Johannesburg especially is hella dangerous. I won’t even elaborate on my bad experiences there. All I’m going to say is to keep your backpacks in front when you’re walking, go out in groups (not alone) and be really careful when you go out at night. ❎

5. Embrace the cultural differences. In Africa (the continent), there is a hugging culture, which we don’t necessarily have in Mauritius. We tend to stick to the hand shakes or to the cheek-kiss. I compromised though in S.A by doing the side-hug or even the full-hug at times as I was growing close to my new friends. Also, the food here is so so soooo yummy.

Well lovely readers, this is NOT it. There’ll definitely be a PART II more focusing on the YALI Programme itself. ❀ I just felt like jotting some general points before elaborating about the Programme itself. For sure, I definitely left my heart in S.A and I’m going back soon.

Until then, my loves, remember that if you want to change something in the world, the change must start within yourself first.

Be kind and helpful, and keep spreading love. #ubuntu πŸ’•



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