Outfits 😍

Hola πŸ™†

Well, today I got back to my natural hair colour: black. 😍 To be honest, it is unequivocal that black hair is inherently stylish ( + it’s the trend of the moment = hitting 2 birds with a single stone 😏). 

Soooo… tadaaaaaw πŸ˜‹

Anyway, this is not really the gist of today’s subject πŸ˜‚, but I wanted to share it with you guys. I decided to assemble a few fashionable pieces for my lovely people (YOU of courseπŸ˜„) and I came across these 3 outfits:

Outfit 1: A Crocodile Green Shirt + (self) Ripped jeans + Owl necklace from Ebay + Floral watch from Ebay + Sunglasses (still from Ebay πŸ˜›) + Silver cuff bangles + Black wedge sandals πŸ‘’

Outfit 2: Off-shoulder top from Ebay πŸ‘• + Brown lace shorts + Sunglasses πŸ•Ά + Lace choker with a flower ornament πŸ’« + MK Golden watch ⌚ + Black wedge sandals πŸ‘’ + Diamond bracelet πŸ’Ž

Outfit 3: Off-shoulder sweater which I bought for Rs 25 in a Bazaar (Amazing, huh?😌 I’m kidding, I was just super lucky πŸ˜‚) + Sunglasses + Watch ⌚ + Choker + White Red Snapper top + Calvin Klein (self) ripped shorts + A pair of semi-wedge escarpins πŸ‘’

These are mostly casual-chic outfits which I’m pretty sure anyone can rock. (because you people are rockers 😎)

On this note, see you soon Loves ❀


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