Going Natural πŸ™†

Hola Dear Readers… ☺

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard about the going-natural ‘trend’. (Trend=Temporary, and I sincerely believe going natural is here to stay βœ‹) If you’re thinking about going natural, I swear you’re not alone. (Well, I’m here with youπŸ˜‚) In fact, nowadays maaaany individuals (because even men do!) who are choosing to go natural are tracking their journeys on social media. 

Going natural either involves the big chop or opting for a long-term transition. You’ve probably guessed it right: big chopping involves cutting off all (yuuup 😱) of the relaxed and damaged ends, while transitioning is the process that allows the natural hair’s growth while maintaining the relaxed hair for at least six months. Going natural is not as easy as it probably implies as without COMMITMENT, one would feel tempted to use heat and relaxers for ease of hair styling. Instead, do go for conditioners or protein treatments: your hair will thank you later, trust me! πŸ’†

Here I am, embracing my natural curls πŸ€— (excuse my Snapchat filterπŸ˜‚)

Ultimately, going natural is a lifestyle: own it, go for it. I don’t think you hate volume, do you? You’ll embrace more voluminous, shinier and healthier hair while adopting this lifestyle. More importantly(yessssπŸ™†), you can be yourself and you shouldn’t care about what others will say or think because this is YOUR journey, not theirs!

Do what you love People, do what makes you happy, embrace your true self and stay beautiful. ❀

On this note, see you soon guys 😊


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