Trip to South Africa | Voyage en Afrique du Sud | YALI Network πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Hello my loves! ❀ I hope you’re all doing awesome. And yes, I know, it’s been a while! So, long story short, I just came home (Mauritius) from a one-month trip to South Africa for the YALI RLC SA Programme. Now, I’m a proud YALI Alumnus and the 1st ever Miss Cohort 14. πŸ‘‘ I

Bag Essentials | Must-haves | Ce qu’il faut toujours avoir dans son sac | πŸ‘œ

β€œAn entire nation, it seemed, was standing in one long breadline, desperate for even the barestΒ essentials.” – Kathi Appelt How many times have been victim of a no-pad-around situation or a situation where your skirt’s button suddenly loosened up and left you continuously holding up your skirt so it doesn’t fall? Sounds pretty relatable, right? Hello

7-days advices-sharingπŸ’‘#girllove β™‘

HELLO MY LOVELY READERS πŸ€ I hope you guys are doing great and are having a fantastic week. 😘 Last week, there was an International Women’s March and huge emphasis was laid on the promotion of #girllove. I shared on my Instastory some advices/inspiring quotes in this respect, to help the wonderful ladies out there,

​Miss or Diss? My Pageantry Journey πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ 

Hey lovely people! 🌞 I hope you all are doing awesome. πŸ’‹ I know, it’s been suuuuuuch a while. πŸ˜… I was reeeeally busy due to a huge commitment: my participation to a beauty pageant (Miss Mauritius 2017 National Pageant)! How can I however do a come-back without some flaming hot details about this journey? 😏